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Health Scales

AND SJ-12KBS Baby Scale
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12 kg x 0.005 kg (5 grams)
  • Large Capacity - 12 kilogram maximum
  • High Accuracy - Weigh to the nearest 5 grams
  • Dual Power - Can run on the supplied AC pack or D cell batteries (4 of)
  • High Visibility Display
  • Weigh Pan complete with measuring scale
  • Auto Power Off - To preserve battery life
  • Lightweight - Perfect for field work

AND Mobile Chair Scale

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HVL-CS 150kg x 0.05kg
  • Dry battery or AC adaptor power
  • Comfortable, white plastic seat
  • Rugged and Reliable operation
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Full digital calibration (FDC) ensuring accurate and simple calibration
  • Auto power off to preserve battery life
  • Single point overload protected loadcell
  • Safety wheels with brakes
AND PW-200KGL Personal Scale

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  • High Weighing Capacity of 220 kg. Higher weighing capability, above the traditional 150 kg capacity offered by most personal scales.
  • Simple operation any staff can use the scale without extensive training.
  • High accuracy 20g increment is ideal for weight management and dietary assessment.
  • Healthcare appearance Will suit the decor of any healthcare situation.
  • Easy portability, comfortably able to be moved by 1 person.
  • Freeze display reading. Reading will “hold” until weight changes by 25% or greater.
  • Flexible set up. Column can be removed from scale if required to suit your configuration.
  • Dual power supply scale can be powered by 6 x D cell batteries or by an optional AC Adaptor.
  • No slip platform “Blue Feet” surface ensures a safe weighing surface even for infirm patients.

AND Wheelchair Scale

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HW-WCS 300kg x 0.1kg

  • Single range 300Kg x 0.1kg
  • Aluminium construction makes it easy to move
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Battery or AC adaptor power supply
  • Safety rails to secure chair and patient
  • Remote display allows optimum positioning
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
AND UC-321 Series Scales
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UC-321 150kg x 0.05kg
UC321PC 150kg x 0.05kg
UC321PBT 200kg x 0.1kg
  • Battery powered with convenient foot switch
  • Can store up to 31 weights - good for weight loss monitoring
  • Rugged industrial construction
  • Uses a strain gauge loadcell
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation
  • Full digital calibration (FDC) ensuring .....accurate and simple calibration
  • 50 gram weighing increment
  • Large clear liquid crystal display
  • Very low profile
  • Data output & Weight Diary software (UC321PC only)
AND MPWS Bed Weighing Scale

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  • High Capacity to Suit Most Beds: 450kg x 0.1kg
  • Trolley Design: Simple to move, no strain on staff
  • Simple Set up: 4 pads receive the bed castors
  • Ramp Style Weigh Pads: Little effort required
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Clinical & Hygienic
  • Simple Connection & Operation: Colour Coded
  • Battery Operated: Maximum Portability
  • AC Operation: Via supplied AC Adaptor
  • Totally Flexible: Any bed length or width