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Moisture Balances

Ohaus MB Series
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MB23 110g x 0.01g/0.1%
MB25 110g x 0.005g/0.05%
MB35 35g x 0.005g/0.05%
MB45 45g x 0.001/0.01%

Designed to quickly, effectively and affordably measure moisture content, the Ohaus MB Series Moisture Analyzers incorporate state-of-the-art halogen heating with precision weighing technology to give a fast and accurate method for moisture content determination.

Perfect for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and research industries; versatile and rugged enough for continuous operation in food and beverage, quality control, environmental and many other applications.


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MS-70 71g x 0.0001g
  • Fast and uniform heating with a halogen lamp and innovative SRA technology.
  • High repeatability of 0.001% (standard deviation)
  • Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate samples provided to allow accuracy check.
  • Memory function to store data
  • Four measurement programs
  • Clear and easy to see VFD display
  • Easy handling of sample tray eliminates the possibility of burns.
  • Glass window allows check of heating.
  • Self check function.
  • Standard RS232C serial interface.
  • Conforms to GLP standards